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I'm Anna


...a 35 year old Māmā, Wifey, Creative and strong minded Queen. I procrastinate and do things thee best when I'm under pressure and time poor! - which lets face it, when you're a Māmā, that's ALWAYS! I am an absolute perfectionist with obsessive compulsive tendencies and live by the motto - 'if you want something done right - you have to do it yourself!'.


Both my husband Rawiri and I are originally born and bred along side the beautiful Lake Taupo, New Zealand - but since moving back from Melbourne in Dec 2021, we decided the sunny Bay of Plenty, with Whānau connections here for us both, was the new place to call home with our young boys - 6 & 8 years old.


Looking back, ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be an artist. In fact, one of my early memories, I can vividly recall standing in my grandmothers kitchen at the age of 3 and telling her matter of factly, that "I... Am going to be an artist when I grow up!" Of course, I didn't know what on earth she meant, when she continued to ask "what kind of artist?" because to a 3 year old dreaming of life as such, it just meant I was going to draw amazing pictures forever!

I continued through school, going solely for art and design classes in college and excelled not only in these subjects but also at wagging - yet didn't do too badly when it came to my grades in the boring things. I worked hospo to the core into my early 20s (I still make a mean latte and G&T!) and a year after finishing school decided to also train as a Beauty and Massage Therapist. I owned a large Day Spa & Beauty Clinic in the heart of Taupo for a number of years, all while still maturing, discovering who I was, finding the love of my life and having children. In 2017 Our youngest boy, unfortunately was born with a number of medical problems which has seen us spend significant time in and out of hospital since he was born and because of this, I had to sell my clinic and become a stay at home mum, indefinitely. 


Six years on - after experiencing severe trauma, living in and out of hospitals, skipping the country, healing, doing some deep soul searching, learning to love myself and being grateful for everything I had, returning home and recovering from PTSD - I have finally found myself again and am now living my childhood dream - I am a full time Artist working from home and could not be happier! I hold not just my Whānau and friends, but my hometown of Taupo and the people in it close to my heart for this - These are the people who always told me I should create for a living, believed in me, brought paintings and drawings on the odd occasions I tried giving it a go, have followed my social accounts from the very beginning and helped spread the word when I finally had "Thee best idea" and never looked back!

Because my art pieces have a heavy Māori and Whānau influence I would lastly like to acknowledge my Gear and Paul Whānau Pepehas in memory of my late Father who we lost tragically in 2012 and continues to leave a massive hole in our lives. Dad, as your Mokos have arrived and continue to grow - My promise to you in my work and every day life, is to teach them what you effortlessly showed us while growing up. To be staunchly proud of who we are and where we come from, to work hard and love what we do, to stand up for what we believe in and not be scared to have a voice or an opinion. To show care and compassion and to give back as much as we take, to love fiercely in the same way you loved Mum since you were both young, to go after everything we ever want and let nothing stand in the way of our dreams. 

Always above us, Never below us, forever soaring in the heavens  

Peter Puhirake Paul 

21/3/64 ~ 20/01/2012  

Ko Ngongotaha Te Maunga

Ko Waiteti Te Awa

Ko Te Rotorua-nui-a-Kahumatamomoe Te Moana

Ko Te Arawa Te Waka

Ko Ngati Ngararanui Te Hapu

Ko Te Arawa Te Iwi

Ko Waiteti Te Marae

Ko Mauao Te Maunga

Ko Tauranga Te Moana

Ko Mataatua Te Waka

Ko Ngati Hangarau Te Hapu

Ko Ngai Te Rangi, Ngati Ranginui, Ngati Pukenga oku iwi

Ko Rereatukahia Te Marae


Nga Mihi


Anna Paul Creative
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